Sallie Knowles Joseph Scholarship

Photo by Micheal Eller

Introducing our 2022 scholarship winners!

Thank you for all the amazing applications! We had 35 applications and it was a challenge to narrow down our finalists.

A quick thank you to the committee for their time, thoughtfulness and dedication to our scholarship program.

Also a big thank your to the 2021 Scholarship Recipients…you paved the way, set the bar high, and accomplished great things in your workshops, moving your artistic journey forward in a big way!

Without further ado, meet the next generation of great western female artists!:


“When my sister first introduced me to beading years ago I had no idea it would turn into a never ending hunger for mastery. I went from beading hat bands to inlaying my own bead pieces into belts and purse straps. Learning there are endless possibilities of making a piece that will last a lifetime, be useful, bring joy, show what time, hard work and dedication can aspire to. This program has offered an opportunity for me to continue my growth and hone in new skills that I will hopefully get to pass on to others.”


”As a 5th generation full time rancher, mom of 2, and silversmith/engraver, life is never dull. I was born and raised on the family ranch located near Buffalo, WY.  I would say that my life philosophy is  “Our lives are made of two dates and a dash, it’s what you do with the dash that counts.” I fully intend on drawing all over the page with my dash.

     Silversmithing and engraving really chose me in 2015.  I have since incorporated my skills into mostly jewelry, basic saddle silver, brow band conchos, and buckles. Most of my inspiration is drawn from everyday life, the western and the vaquero style. I have a great appreciation for good quality gear since I tend to use it on a daily basis, and someday soon I will be putting gear built with my hands on my horses. “


“I was born in California, but spent the majority of my teenage years growing up in Montana in between the Bob Marshall wilderness  and the Swan Valley Mountain Range.I got very interested in silversmithing 3 years ago when I began studying different types of tack, specifically headstalls and bits that were derived from the Oregon, Nevada, California, and Idaho area. I studied under Pat Horlacher, who in my opinion is one of the most talented silversmiths in present time. My interest has turned mainly to making headstalls and learning how to make bits and spurs. I set out to make tack that looks traditional and correct for the area it’s being ridden in, with an eclectic twist. My customers have become mostly women who cowboy and I very much enjoy working with them and providing them with tack that they and their horse can take pride in. Functionality is just as important as beauty in the things I create.


Growing up a rancher’s daughter in rural Southeastern Oregon, Catie Kershner turned her passion for ranching traditions and lifestyle, as well as her creative passions, into a business when she started working with silver over 12 years ago.  Kershner Custom Silver is a silversmith shop specializing in custom & ready to ship handmade jewelry for the women in the Western and agriculture industry as well as providing a diversity of home decor through online store.Primarily focusing on jewelry, Kershner creates pieces with working ranch, rodeo, farm, & agriculture based women in mind. Silver jewelry that’s meant to be worn and withstand the hard work that the women wearing them do daily.  Kershner loves to make jewelry that can not only be worn & used, but also stand as a family heirloom & representation of ranching lifestyle in the West.


Kim Hunter Steed is a national award winning and published photographer specializing in western photography. She spent her childhood along the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada from Owens Valley to Lake Almanor. This is where her love for the mountains and wildlife began. She dabbled in photography in the early 2000’s and poured her heart into it when she moved to Carson Valley, Nevada with her husband in 2018. Her photographs have appeared in Cowboys & Indians magazine, Tahoe Quarterly, Nevada magazine and Birds & Blooms magazine. 


“I live in Central Oregon, where I work a full time job in agronomy/ sales. My true love, however, is working with silver. As a material, silver is impressionable, malleable, and so very durable. I love working with silver for these reasons; a blank sheet can be built into anything you set your mind to. I truly think the qualities of silver and the process of silversmithing, is why Im so fond of this craft! I look forward to learning priceless skills to fabricate and build heirloom quality and durable pieces for hard working folks!


“I am a full time rancher alongside my husband on our cow-calf operation in remote Idaho and mother to three handy young daughters. I spent the majority of my life working with horses in various disciplines, from locations out east, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and Idaho. I graduated from the University of Montana-Western with Bachelors of Science degrees in both Business Administration as well as Natural Horsemanship. My love of working with metal started early in life and I have worked in blacksmithing, welding and making jewelry. I love making creations from sheet silver, wire and stones. My true passion lies in making pieces that tell a story, those that will become heirloom works to be handed down through generations. My bench time is limited but is filled with imagination, intention, and stories and scenes I’ve gathered from my time working on the ranch and in the landscapes of the west.”

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