Past SKJ Scholarship Recipients



“I started silversmithing because I’ve always had a passion for handmade one of a kind items. Silversmithing is my full time job now and it’s something I thrive off of each and everyday. Creating handmade items is something I take pride in and I jump on opportunities to further my education and knowledge in this industry.”

Peyton attended the Texas Engraving School


“I have been doing leather work for over a year and have always had an interest in art and western culture. I love building things with my hands that not only look beautiful but that also will last a lifetime. I enjoy doing leatherwork because I can combine my artistic style and also learn how to build things that others appreciate and can put to use every day wether it’s a breast collar on a working ranch or a wallet they carry every day- every piece has a purpose.”

Tayla attended the Montana Horseman Saddle School


Breanne started drawing and painting at a very young age and in the last 7 years she’s taken that love and turned it into a career. She does watercolor portraits of dogs, cats, and horses but is branching out to challenge herself with painting people. Something she’s always wanted to master. Breanne lives in Reno, NV with her husband and daughter.

Breanne attended the Watercolor Portrait Class with Pam Wenger


“I have always been in love with the look of Pendleton wool and leather. The combination is timeless. My goal is to create pieces that are both functional and beautiful. Pendleton does the work, I just cut up the puzzle and put it back together in new ways. I hope to grow my knowledge and skills to someday soon be able to offer details such as tooling and stamping to my designs and also add in some silver from some of my favorite makers and artists.

Laura attended the Alden’s School of Leather Trades


“I am looking to grow my skills and abilities to be a gear maker. I will still make some jewelry as well. But my heart is set on making cowboy gear.

Jordanne attended the Texas Engraving School