2021 Artists

Trinity Seely‘s life has taken her to many different places. Ranging from the Chilcotin of British Columbia, where she grew up. To Cascade, Montana where she and her husband and kids live on a working cattle ranch. Trinity’s personal look into the life of a ranch wife gives her a deep perspective and appreciation into a lifestyle that some say is a bygone era. Trinity released her debut album back in December of 2011. Produced by fellow western artist, Brenn Hill and Ryan Tilby. Trinity’s self titled CD has received multiple outstanding reviews. These reviews include write ups in the Western Horseman, Ranch and Reata, Cowgirls in Style, Working Ranch Magazine and True West.

Sandy Powell, author and western photographer, recently published the book, Cowboy Culture: Capturing the Spirit of the Old West in the Sierra Nevada, which features captivating photography of the Sierra Nevada, some western history, stories from the trail, and cowboy poetry. Sandy is based in the Eastern Sierra, where she spends her time documenting the Old West that still remains in the Sierra Nevada. Her photographs have appeared in publications such as Western Horseman, Range, Cowboys & Indians, Draft Horse Journal, Western Mule Magazine, Rural Heritage, and numerous art galleries.

Sidne Teske illustration

Primarily working with soft pastels, Sidne Teske paints on location (en plein aire), depicting landscape with vibrant energy. When weather makes it too difficult to explore the outdoors, Teske turns to her studio easel to create large expressive works. Her work is a reflection of the Great Basin landscape where she lives.
Teske has received many awards and honors. In 2017 she was commissioned by the Nevada Arts Council to make three works to be awarded to the Governor, the Nevada State Assembly and the Nevada State Senate. In 2014 Nevada Humanities commissioned Teske to make 14 pieces to be awarded to individuals. She created the Nevada Governor’s Arts awards, as well as many other awards.
Teske’s works are to be found in numerous collections, both corporate and private.

Vicki Strickland has had a camera in her hand most of her life. She has had horses all of her life.

Vicki considers her photographer’s eye as a gift and has used her camera in many different ways, both personally and professionally. From photographing her family and travels, to portraiture work, to shooting for missions, building up a variety of images and styles of photography.

The one style of photography she always returns to is Western, whether shooting the Cowboy lifestyle, old barns and doors, or wild mustangs she feels most at home as a cowgirl artist.

She resides in the Central Valley of California.

Enamored with the western lifestyle from a young age, Kailey Klein grew up creating art that celebrated her rural life and the equine partners she ran wild with. Years later, while studying Agriculture at Oregon State University, Kailey discovered the craft of leather work. Kailey is now the maker and western artist behind the sought after brand, Magpie West Leather Co. On a remote ranch nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, she spends her days as a western creative, cowboy gal, ranch wife, and mother. She gathers inspiration for her one of a kind pieces from the wildflowers, livestock, cowboy culture, unique lifestyle, and rugged beauty of the west.

Born in the desert of Arizona , Janelle grew up deeply influenced and inspired by the cowboy and Native American culture that surrounded and filled her early life. Now a freelance self taught artist of 29 years, Janelle continues to express her love of horses , the simple life and sharing the gift of beauty in a broad spectrum of visual art. Working with interior designers at times and painting original custom pieces for her collectors, Janelle has been producing and selling consistently in the Tahoe Truckee area of the Sierras for 15 years now. For more information on current exhibits, to view available artwork and pricing Janelle can be reached at jmariefinearts@gmail.com.

“My love of the ocean comes from being born and raised on the beaches of Southern  California.  My love of all things Western is something that I was just simply born with. I began dabbling in Metal Arts in 2012.  Being a busy mother, wife and employee left very little time to pursue my interest in this medium. Once my children became adults and I retired, I began to hone my silversmithing skills. Bringing my creations to life has been a dream come true.” -Patti Hughes, Ranch 52

Karen Motto Wing & Wing

“I’m always looking for the next rusted, weathered, and hidden artifact to start or enhance a piece I’m working on…but usually…it finds me.  Seeing it is about eyes wide open to the opportunity…the observation and connection…allowing myself a moment to discover what is so obviously presenting itself to me.

Wire & Wing creates western vintage barbed wire art to display in your most favored place. Founded in 2019 by rangeland forager Karen Motto, Wire & Wing’s creative method is an intuitive process of hand collecting and selectively arranging contrasting remnants and artifacts.  Each Wire & Wing begins on a remote trail in search of the rusted, weather-beaten, and forgotten.  Every completed Wire & Wing will inspire memories, curiosity, and conjure up tales of the western landscape and the American legacy of ranch and range.

Amy Smith

“Although I’ve dabbled in braiding for many years, I didn’t take it  seriously until about eight years ago. What I think is cool, is that I  start with a raw material (often skinning the animal myself) and go  through the steps; stretching the hide, cleaning it, scraping the hair,  cutting all the various size strings, and braiding them into useful  horseback or ornamental objects. I still consider myself an amateur,  but I sell a few items and really enjoy improving and creating.” -Amy Smith

Sarah Smith was raised on a commercial cow/calf operation in the foothills of Bakersfield, CA. Over the years she developed a deep passion for creating a variety of items including jewelry, three piece buckle sets and saddle hardware. Sarah has studied under master engravers Jeremiah Watt and Diane Scalese, as well as many mentors. Each piece Sarah makes is handmade, custom to the individual and one of a kind. Her work can be found around the world.

“Throughout growing up in the Eastern Sierras, I’ve been encouraged to utilize my culture to create artwork. At the age of eight, I picked up my grandmother’s needle and started making stitches of beadwork. Using my aunties pieces as references, I find myself following a tradition that is my responsibility to carry out onto future generations. I’m still branching out my techniques and patterns yet in every piece, I still honor my family’s craft.” -Joye Lehen

Megan Wimberley grew up in Texas and Oklahoma on the back of a horse. Her experiences with animals deepend her love for them and solidified her belief in our connection with them. Wimberley’s art seeks to emphasize this connection and explore our shared experiences. Wimberley holds a BA in Fine arts from Wayland Baptist University and an MA in Art Education from Boston University. She currently resides in Yosemite Valley California, painting full time and teaching small group and private art lessons.

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